Training for Corporates

We specialize in training of middle-management executives who are moving up from a functional area to general management as part of their career growth. These are the future senior leaders of the company and usually have a strong need to get exposure and training in skills that are outside the area of their own core competence or domain specialization.

We have developed our own content that is specifically tailored for this audience. These include some of the most crucial skills for their future success – leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, and presentation – and supporting skills like time management, goal setting, and understanding of finance.

What makes our approach unique is a combination of highly interactive sessions and post-session work in the form of mini-projects that are custom designed in consultation with your HR department, to ensure that the learnings are applied immediately in a real-life work scenario. In our experience, this has proved to be the best way to ensure application, retention and development of the concepts and skills taught.

Of course, keeping in mind the depth of experience that participants of this level have, we ensure that the curriculum and flow are extremely interactive, engaging, and practical.


“It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that we have received an overwhelming response from all the participants who have been a part of your workshop.”

- Corporate HR manager of a client for whom we delivered a series of five 2-day workshops on ‘360° Leadership’ in 2016

"I have attended several other programs on leadership, but this was the best of all. Superb, Jatin, and keep it going!"

“You ensured that each session is enjoyable while maintaining the presentation and subject line. Your enormous patience while responding to queries of participants was commendable. It will remain engrossed in our memory."
– Santosh H Gaikwad, Manager – Operations, Express Industry Council of India, Mumbai (participant in a 2-day workshop on ‘360° Leadership’ in Feb 2017)

​“All topics covered appropriately. Faculty is very knowledgeable. Good interactive session – I am very happy because I personally gained more from this workshop. Let corporates know the importance of this topic.”

“I got total insight on leadership skills and qualities. Methodology is correct with PPTs, videos, case study examples. It will definitely help my organisation to achieve leadership smoothly.”

"A wonderful session that opened new doors to knowing yourself."

"Great vibe, good energy and a great message!"

"Enjoyed the session, interesting, fun-filled and delivered effectively."

“Always kept the team engaged & interactive with lot of conceptual clarity & core understanding of topics.”

“Very effective and will help us to improve in corporate & personal life as well. Same program needs to be delivered down the line as well, to junior grades.”


360° Leadership
The focus of this power-packed, highly interactive program builds is to demonstrate that leadership exists all around us, irrespective of formal rank or title. Participants will learn, see and experience how to unleash the leader that lies within them, starting NOW. They will be asked to apply these concepts and insights to everyday work situations, thereby unleashing their full potential.
Topics include:

  • The difference between management, "Hollywood" style leadership and genuine leadership
  • Six essential qualities of leadership in a business context
  • Three step approach to motivate yourself and lead by example
  • Influencing skills: Cialdini's six principles of persuasion
  • The concept of Followership: Kelley's five types of followers
  • Styles of leadership; how to choose an appropriate style based on follower readiness
  • The biological basis of leadership and the Golden Circle
  • Case study: Leadership From Below

Making High Impact Presentations
The ability to influence and persuade others through persuasive, powerful presentations is a core competence of the modern professional executive. In this intensive 2-day "boot camp" style workshop, participants will learn how to master both the art and the science of making high-impact presentations to ANY audience. The workshop covers in depth all four components of presentations – the content, the delivery, the tools, and last but not least, the presenter himself. It includes a deep-dive on how to use the full capabilities of PowerPoint the way it was designed to be used.

Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace
It is a little-known fact that people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time. While IQ, technical skills and experience are relevant, they are just threshold requirements for any job. Decades of research now point to emotional intelligence (EQ) as being the critical factor that sets star performers apart from the rest of the pack. The correlation is very strong – 90% of top performers have high emotional intelligence.

This workshop is designed to provide participants with knowledge of the four components of emotional intelligence. They will understand themselves better through self-assessment exercises, identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement of their EQ, learn how to gauge other people's emotions more accurately and how to use all these techniques in day-to-day activities and tasks for actually bringing about excellence at work.

Communication Skills For Corporate Professionals
Many training programs in communications place undue weightage on spoken communication, and tend to ignore or miss out the three other communication channels – reading, writing and listening.

This workshop addresses all aspects of communication, which are essential for executives as they take on roles of greater responsibility. The workshop includes exercises and techniques to understand, learn, improve and practice each of these, creating a strong foundation in communication, which is the building block for achieving success in any role.

Time Management, Goal-Setting And Stress Management
Of all the resources available to managers – men, materials, time and money – time is the only one that is 100% perishable, non-recoverable, and non-transferable. This workshop provides participants with extremely useful strategies not just for better efficiency, but for making the most effective use of their time through systematic goal-setting.

The workshop goes beyond the traditional S.M.A.R.T. goals methodology and introduces goal-setting methods based on powerful NLP techniques, which also lead to stress reduction and thereby improve productivity and performance in the workplace.

Finance for Non-Finance Professionals
Finance is at the heart of all decision-making in an organisation. It is imperative for senior managers to have a clear understanding of finance and its management to ensure that their day-to-day actions and decisions are fully aligned with corporate financial objectives and targets.

This workshop introduces relevant concepts and essential terminology of finance to executives without a formal background in finance, ranging from 'capex and opex' all the way to how to read a balance sheet. The workshop is conducted in interactive, easy-to-understand language and uses a combination of case-study analysis, hands-on exercises, and group discussions.