Interview Coaching

If you're in the job market, you are at a huge disadvantage during interviews.

Your interviewers are trained, highly experienced professionals who conduct interviews for a living. They come into the interview totally prepared, and know exactly what they want and how to get it.

And you? Like most job-seekers, you may think you're well prepared to talk about your career, track record, capabilities and salary expectations. However, the biggest mistake most job-seekers make is not getting professional advice for their interview process.

It's like preparing for a boxing match against Mike Tyson by spending a week in your local gym.

At Trecon Global, we offer a comprehensive range of services for job-seekers, from a simple resume makeover to interview preparation. This is not the usual "How to Ace an Interview" type of advice that you can read on hundreds of online articles and blogs. This is intensive, personalized, one-on-one coaching, based on 30 years of interviewing experience on both sides of the table.

We recently coached a candidate through his entire interview process for a director-level position at a multinational pharmaceutical company. It lasted six rounds over a period of two months. Here's what his training regimen looked like:

  • A detailed introductory call to understand the candidates's career history and aspirations, the exact job description, the company's business and the organisation structure
  • One hour of intensive planning and preparation before each interview
    Detailed preparation of talking points, questions to be asked, and answers to anticipated questions
  • Comprehensive debrief after each interview
  • Multiple mock rounds and intensive rehearsals for critical questions
  • Precise selection of words and phrases to be used, tailored for the company culture, job description and role deliverables / KRAs
  • Words and topics to avoid
  • Customized salary negotiation strategies with supporting facts and figures
  • Tradeoff criteria - when to let go and when to walk away
  • Detailed planning on how to resign from existing job

The result? He got the job, he got every last penny he asked for (a jump of 48%), he got the designation he deserved, he got the starting date he wanted, and he left his previous job with a perfect handover and tremendous goodwill.

Sounds like fiction? No, it's real. It happened for him, it's happened for others, and it can happen for you. But remember, if you want to win against Tyson, you have to train twice as hard as he does.

Contact us for more details and customized services to suit your specific personal requirement.