Business Services: Advisory and Consulting

We understand business, we understand people, and we understand systems.

Small and medium enterprises face the constant challenge of resource allocation. Surprisingly, our experience shows that it's not funds but management attention that is the single most important resource needed to enable the company to scale up, while ensuring seamless business continuity.

Top management attention is usually devoted to the 'big rocks' of sales and product development. In the process, back-end systems do not get the attention they need. It's only when these become a growth barrier that the company springs into fire-fighting mode.

Our consulting services address this syndrome. We help you ensure that your core systems are future-ready. For this, they have to be designed and built for growth. We leverage our experience in working for global giant corporations to bring some of the best practices, systems and processes to small and medium enterprises.

Our service offerings span the following areas:

  • HR systems and processes

            - Organization structure design and optimization

            - Compensation and benefits: Design and implementation of customized plans

            - Performance management systems: Design and implementation

            - Formulation and rollout of HR processes, policies and documents

            - Recruitment (creating custom job descriptions, sourcing candidates, interviewing, on-boarding)

  • Sales and Marketing

            - Business development, marketing and sales process design, analysis and support

            - Design and implementation of sales incentive structures and schemes

            - Creation of marketing content and collateral, including case studies, presentations, websites, advertisements
            - Branding strategy, design, pricing, positioning and placement

            - Competitive studies, market assessments and surveys

            - Sales training

        Sample Case Studies
            VAMS at Monsanto

            VAMS at Tata Motors Finance
             VAMS at Glenmark

Services are offered on retainership basis as well as project basis