Rohan Rathod, CEO, Delux Bearings Ltd., Mumbai

Trecon Global delivered great business value to us when we engaged them to implement several projects to upgrade our core HR systems.

Jatin Sheth (Trecon's founder) has long years of experience and deep insight into global best practices in systems, business processes, and people practices. He applied all of it to deliver practical and effective results for us.

In a very short time, Trecon revamped our organization structure, updated our HR Manual, rationalized the policies, and completely overhauled our compensation and benefits structure to help us move to a flexible, employee-friendly system that was the "right-fit" solution for our company.

Trecon's second project was to work out annual increments, which was done in a very methodical and systematic way. Jatin helped us to decide the criteria, define the overall budget, break it down into individual increments for each of our 180 employees across 9 locations, and map it to the new salary band structure (also designed by Trecon).

Trecon's third project was to design and implement a new sales incentive scheme for our front-line field sales employees. It was a complex exercise – Jatin had to dive deep into the details of our product range of more than 350 individual SKUs, and work out highly customized plans based on item-wise profitability and zonal targets. Jatin not only advised us on the overall approach, but also delivered a meticulously detailed template that was parametrized with key variables to make the implementation easy.

Jatin is a "people person" to the core. I have seen him build instant rapport with people across all levels of our organization, and he understands the nuances of their day-to-day jobs. He also helped us to recruit our new HR manager by taking the lead in interviewing candidates with some really deep and relevant discussions.

What we really like about working with Trecon is that Jatin doesn't stop at giving high-level advisory inputs. He is involved hands-on at every stage all the way to roll-out. He is keenly aware of practical and human elements of implementing new systems. One example is that he created a presentation with a comprehensive set of FAQs for our managers to use while explaining the new salary structure. This ensured that there was total buy-in of new concepts and every employee had 100% clarity on how the new package would impact their gross annual CTC and monthly take-home pay.

I strongly recommend Trecon Global's services for the depth of their understanding, ability to grasp the big picture, meticulous attention to detail and thoroughly professional attitude.

Vikram Bharwada, COO, NDS Infotech Ltd., Thane

We engaged Trecon Global in November 2015 to design and implement a performance management system for our ~150 employees.

Trecon’s founder, Jatin Sheth, quickly understood our business requirements and took stock of our existing system. He outlined the architecture of a modern, quantitative, objective system that fit very well with the nature and metrics of our business, and complemented our culture, HR policies and practices.

He worked closely with our HR team and within a few days, he built a prototype of the new system, conducted active feedback sessions with all our practice heads to explain the approach and working of the new system, and ensured that their unique requirements were addressed. He also incorporated extensive feedback gathered from employees across all levels, to ensure that the system was fair, unambiguous and user friendly.

Jatin introduced some global best practices that he was very familiar with. For example, he recommended that we do away with the traditional bell curve in order to attract talent and reduce unwanted attrition. After thorough QA and testing, the system designed by him went live for our April 2016 appraisal cycle. Subsequently, a significantly enhanced version 2 of the system went live in January 2017.

Working with Trecon Global has been rewarding for us. Jatin blended easily and naturally into our company’s culture. He takes full ownership for his projects end-to end, and is always willing to add value wherever his broad experience is relevant – for example, he contributed and actively participated in a presentation we made to a prospective overseas customer that eventually resulted in significant new business for us.

​Above all, it’s his professionalism and knowledge that stand out. We would not hesitate to recommend his services to any organisations that need an intimate understanding of people, business and systems.